Leaders Amongst Mothers

Leaders Amongst Mothers

Hosted by: Noor Sayed

Leaders Amongst Mothers is a community of mothers for mothers. Mothers are leaders who have been appointed for the most noble job that can ever be, which is to raise future men and women with faith, character and...


Interview with Asif Sayed: Reflections on Fatherhood & Homeschooling

Season #1 Episode #8

This is the first episode in a series of discussions with my husband, Asif Sayed on Homeschooling and Fatherhood. This year we completed 10 years since Home Education became a lifestyle choice for us as a family. It...
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Why slowing down helps us and our children?

Season #1 Episode #7

In this episode, I discussed with parent coach Shahnila on all the benefits I have personally seen in slowing down. I think this is the most understated advice. But this is worth reminding each other especially with...
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Invested in Parenting vs Entrapped in Parenting

Season #1 Episode #6

In this episode, I had a chance to talk to Raeesa, a mom of 2 young boys. We talked about the difference between being intentional in parenting vs getting completely engulfed by it. While this is often hard to avoid...
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Discussion with Hana from Pepper & Pine on Waldorf Education in a Muslim Home

Season #1 Episode #5

Ever wonder if Waldorf Education is right for a muslim home? This amazing educational philosophy can work beautifully and we can adapt it and take the best bits from it.  Join me as I discuss this with Hana from...
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What is the biggest risk in Homeschooling?

Season #1 Episode #4

What is the real risk in Homeschooling? What children really need? What is that one non negotiable need I must fulfill as a mother? This episode will also answer questions you may have like: Is homeschooling for me...
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Resources OR Building Resourcefulness?

Season #1 Episode #3

What should we prioritize as parents? Focus on providing resources to our children to set them up for success or should we focus on building the qualities in them which will make them resourceful.  I will share a...
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2. When Extended Family Doubts Your Decision To Homeschool

Season #1 Episode #2

We all know how radical the decision to homeschool can be? When our extended family or relatives are involved it becomes hard to ignore their critical comments. How do we handle this with grace? Why is it important we...
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1: Only Super Moms Homeschool their children: Myth or Reality?

Season #1 Episode #1

In this episode we explore a common myth about homeschooling. Most people perceive homeschooling to be an extraordinary, impossibly difficult endeavor that only 'supermoms' attempt. This is far from the truth.  In one...
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