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Join our wonderful community as we resume our programs with a renewed focus and commitment.

Our Story

Back in 2017, I started facilitating a homeschool support group meeting from my home. I invited sisters from our local community to share something useful with the sisters. 

The purpose of these support meetings was to foster a sense of community, share our unique skills and knowledge, realign with our purpose and grow together as a community.

It was also to create a judgement free space for mothers to discuss concerns, receive encouragement and guidance, connect with other like minded mothers.

Raising children with ehsan calls for relentless effort and sacrifice.

This invisible and often unappreciated work is worth celebrating. I wanted a community where our work is acknowledged.

With time, these support meetings evolved into a focused effort to reclaim our role as mothers through a wide array of programs, co-op classes, workshops, conferences and courses that have helped hundreds of families from all over the world. Mashallah

We are now a worldwide community of mothers from Australia to Barbados, Switzerland to Maldives, United States to Pakistan, Canada to United Kingdom... the list goes on. Mashallah.

Our community includes mothers at various stages of their parenting journey. Some of us are contributors and some are eager learners. Some of us are struggling, some are thriving but we come together and share our lessons generously. We share our mistakes and embrace the vulnerability of it all.

We find our strength by coming together and accepting life's many seasons. 

I invite you to join our community! 

Let us Inspire and Be Inspired!


Our Guiding Principles

Our programs are firmly rooted in islamic principles of tarbiyah and prophetic leadership, it incorporates the latest research on neuroscience, child development and educational psychology. 

An integrated, interdisciplinary framework 'Visionary Home Education' guides our work and programs. This framework evolved with growing experience in working with mothers and building unique solutions to resolve the common challenges in home education and tarbiyah of children.

We aspire to follow in the footsteps of our prophets (peace be upon them all) and strive to apply the guidance from Allah's book and sunnah of the prophet (saw)


"And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers."

Quran 51:55


Our Mission

We have One Goal. One mission.

Raise ourselves as we raise our children.

We can strive everyday to honor Allah's commandments with gratitude in our hearts while seeking His pleasure and raising the next generation with excellence.

Everyday is an opportunity to embody the many important life lessons we wish to teach our children. We can travel alongside these little companions on this journey called life and live each day with purpose and intention.

We can lead by example and teach in the most powerful and effective manner.

Don't we already know this?

Didn't the prophet(saw) teach in this manner and left a beautiful legacy worth following?  

Mothers are Leaders

Allah(swt) has exclusively chosen us for this noble work.  

We can all aspire to do this to the best of our abilities... not perfectly but to the best of our ability and hope to please Allah (swt) through this struggle.

We can cultivate an environment in our homes where children thrive and grow to their full potential.

We can strive to lead with love and establish a secure home base for our children where they can grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. 

Schools don't raise children, we raise them in our homes. Let us make our homes sanctuaries where our children can count on our abundant, unconditional love, where we do the sacred work of not just nourishing their bodies but also their minds and souls.

Our homes where we build memories of enriching shared experiences, read alouds, long discussions and childhood stories, pillow fights and messes in the kitchen as we cook together, where we play games late into the evenings and go for our morning walks... where we laugh, we play, we cry, we grow, we pray and we learn together. 

We can cultivate a home where their curious minds can seek their Lord.

We strive to attach our children's tender hearts to Allah (swt) and His beautiful deen.

We live meaningfully each day, striving to learn and implement the many lessons that take us closer to this goal.

We learn about parenting, education and tarbiyah and integrate it all and strive to implement the best of what we know, trusting Allah's help is near.

We remind and encourage each other on our difficult days. The tests and difficulties come and go. But we are here to lift each other on our trying days. 

We share our gifts and knowledge only for His sake. Help and encourage one another to remain steadfast on this way.

We reorient ourselves individually and collectively towards Allah(swt) and renew our intentions each day.

We answer this inner calling and accept this invitation to leave our trail.

Mothers can transform nations.

They matter so much more than anyone can ever acknowledge.

But Allah(swt) acknowledges us. He gave us this honor and it is time we rise up and lead with confidence.

Armed with love in our hearts, strength of iman (faith) and complete trust and tawakkul in Allah(swt), we work every day.

I invite you to join the movement.

Be a leader amongst mothers.


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