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Why VHE (Visionary Home Education)?

We cannot separate raising children from educating them. We cannot separate their growth and development from family life, learning and relationships. We cannot separate the modern context in which we are raising our children from how it is shaping our everyday family life and ultimately the future it will create for our families. So, we must begin with a Vision and ask ourselves, "WHAT IS MY VISION?" and then ask "WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO GET THERE?" and most importantly "WHO DO I NEED TO BE IN ORDER TO MAKE THAT VISION A REALITY?"

Clear Path To Lasting Success

Clarify your vision, redefine motherhood, reclaim your power to raise and educate the next generation. Follow a systematic, proven, step by step holistic approach to home education. It is indeed possible to impart a high quality education that caters to the evolving needs of children without putting your life on hold.

Simple & Easy

Tarbiyah or Home education can be really simple. What makes it easy is an approach that challenges the status quo. With this approach you don't teach as much as you create conditions for your child to want to learn. When you work in tandem with the natural forces learning and growing happens naturally and effortlessly.

Grow Together with Joy

When the entire family engages and thrives, Excellence in Home education / tarbiyah becomes a natural, everyday reality. These simple, everyday positive experiences add up: they shape personalities, build relationships and instill a genuine love of learning. Cultivate a simple family life that raises responsible adults without losing your sanity or yourself.

How valuable is this time and the task at hand?

Childhood is a fleeting opportunity!!

Childhood is a special time

where minds develop, personality is shaped and character is formed.

Our commitment as parents is to not just feed their bodies but to also nourish their minds, cultivate their hearts and fill their lives with all that is good and beautiful.

Our children's tarbiyah, their education, their future success and attitude towards learning and life depends on these formative years. It depends on their earliest experiences they have shared with us. The quality of the relationship they share with us serves as a blueprint to their relationship with themselves and the wider world.


 The way you show up as a parent everyday matters. Your genuine confidence and personal growth is a non negotiable. Because you are their first school and you create a model for them to follow. It is a huge responsibility.

Building skills, knowledge and wisdom is a priority for every parent. So is instilling the right values in them, but we cannot be of influence if we do not have their hearts. We cannot build trust without intentionally investing and strengthening our relationship with them. The most important years are not for struggling and hurting what is far too precious.

In many cases parents unintentionally bring harm to themselves and their families in this time. Unfortunately parent education is not prioritized and many often learn through their mistakes. 

It pains me to recall my own experiences and wish I could have avoided all the unnecessary stress, I wish I had access to something that would help me make better decisions and serve my children better in those important, foundational years. This is why I created this community to help and support someone just like me.

This time together with the children is critically important and is probably going to make up a huge portion of our lives and perhaps their entire childhood.  

We must use it with wisdom because it will not last for long.

"Your work is revolutionary! This should be a mandatory workshop for every 'to be parent'. I am lucky to be alive when your work is available to us"

Dr. Miral Khalil
Virginia, USA

"My whole perspective in life and outlook has changed. May Allah always guide you. Ameen"

Sofia Khan
United Kingdom

"I am a changed mama forever. I feel confident, competent and relieved to be able to do this. Sister Noor has been an absolute God send for me. I still cannot believe that I found this. Alhamdulilah"

United Kingdom

"I have no words to describe what you are teaching us..MashahAllah BarakAllah..Its just amazing. I have never seen things with this perspective..JazakAllahukhairan. May Allah Bless you."

Uzma Naik

"I will be forever indebted to you dear Noor Sayed. The quality of your commitment reflects on the quality of this program. MashaaAllah. I pray Allah that it will give its fruits in the future for all the mothers in need like it did to me"

Sabrine Hadj

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