Visionary Home Education

For the leaders amongst mothers...

Are you ready to lead?


Home Educating Your Child does not have to be difficult...

You do not have to deal with constant stress and anxiety

You do not have to deal with everyday power struggles

You do not have to make them 'do things' that are good for them

You do not have to hurt your relationship with them as you rush them through the lesson plan

You do not have to jeopardize your children's relationship with learning itself



 Home Education can be Effective, Excellent and still Enjoyable!

Instead you get to

inspire a genuine love of learning

raise curious, creative and compassionate human beings 

raise resilient children who choose what is right in the face of challenges

raise confident muslims with a sincere love and connection with Allah(swt) and His deen.

inspire children to follow the best of humanity as an example: the Prophet Muhammed(saws)

build a lasting connection with your children, enjoy these blessings and build memories

cultivate a meaningful, purpose driven family life where everyone grows and thrives

You can achieve this without compromising their development or education.

Your children will receive a solid foundation in education and Life itself 

What a beautiful legacy to leave behind

It is possible to live purposefully as a mother giving your child the best chance to succeed in this life and the next...

And this monumental task can be made Simple and Easy!

No more overwhelm and exhaustion

But here is the catch: It's a process and takes a sincere commitment on your part. 

Our Unique Approach

Tarbiyah means to nurture, to grow, to increase. As we strive to help our children grow physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, we must continue our own growth and teach our children everyday by example. 'Visionary Home Education' takes a comprehensive approach and helps parents cultivate an enriching environment where learning is an everyday natural consequence. Our framework and curriculum is focused on educating and raising the whole person and this is done best when we assume the role of a 'leader' based on the example of the prophets (peace be upon them all) You can educate and raise your child with excellence with surprising simplicity and ease. You can seize this fleeting opportunity to nurture a love of learning while strengthening your relationship with your child. Yes! You were always meant to be the first and most important teacher for your children and You are more than enough to make this an everyday reality!

Clear Path To Lasting Success

Acquire practical skills in a step by step systematic program. We help mothers provide a high quality  education that caters to the evolving needs of children.

Simple & Easy

Tarbiyah or Home education can be really simple. But to put this into practice requires conviction and sound knowledge about children development and education. Also what we can do as parents to help our children realize their full potential. 

Grow Together with Joy

When the entire family engages and thrives, Home education/tarbiyah becomes a natural, everyday consequence. Success comes from consistent, sustained everyday efforts. So lets make it simple because simple is sustainable

"I am a changed mama forever. I feel confident, competent and relieved to be able to do this. Sister Noor has been an absolute God send for me. I still cannot believe that I found this. Alhamdulilah"

'Homeschooling Simplified' program

"I have no words to describe what you are teaching us..MashahAllah BarakAllah..Its just amazing. I have never seen things with this perspective..JazakAllahukhairan. May Allah Bless you."

Uzma Naik
'Discover Visionary Home Education' program

"I will be forever indebted to you dear Noor Sayed. The quality of your commitment reflects on the quality of this program. MashaaAllah. I pray Allah that it will give its fruits in the future for all the mothers in need like it did to me"

Sabrine Hadj
'Homeschooling Simplified' program

"My whole perspective in life and outlook has changed. May Allah always guide you. Ameen"

Sofia Khan
'Discover Visionary Home Education' Program

How valuable is this time and the task at hand?

Is it really important to invest time and effort in growing our knowledge and skills? That is a question we must answer for ourselves because ultimately our decisions and eventual outcomes depend on it.

 The way you show up as a parent everyday matters. Your genuine confidence and personal growth is a non negotiable. Because you are their first school and you create a model for them to follow. It is a huge responsibility.

Building skills, knowledge and wisdom is a priority for every parent. So is instilling the right values in them, but we cannot be of influence if the relationship isn't strong. We cannot build trust without intentionally investing and strengthening the relationship. The most important years are not for struggling and hurting what is far too precious.

In some cases parents unintentionally bring harm to themselves and their families in this time. Unfortunately parent education is not prioritized and many often learn through their mistakes. 

It pains me to recall my own experiences and wish I could have avoided all the unnecessary stress, I wish I had access to something that would help me make better decisions and serve my children better in those important, foundational years. This is why I created this program to help someone like just me.

This program may not be for everyone but if it sounds like something you need, please get on the waitlist. We open enrollment only once a year and would love to help you.

This time together with the children is critically important and is probably going to make up a huge portion of our lives and perhaps their entire childhood.  

We must use it with wisdom because it will not last for long.

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