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"I am a changed mama forever. I feel confident, competent and relieved to be able to do this. Sister Noor has been an absolute God send for me. I still cannot believe that I found this. Alhamdulilah"

'Homeschooling Simplified' Membership

"I have no words to describe what you are teaching us..MashahAllah BarakAllah..Its just amazing. I have never seen things with this perspective..JazakAllahukhairan. May Allah Bless you."

Uzma Naik
'Visionary Home Education' program

"I will be forever indebted to you dear Noor Sayed. The quality of your commitment reflects on the quality of this program. MashaaAllah. I pray Allah that it will give its fruits in the future for all the mothers in need like it did to me"

Sabrine Hadj
'Homeschooling Simplified' Membership

"My whole perspective in life and outlook has changed. May Allah always guide you. Ameen"

Sofia Khan
'Visionary Home Education' Program

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