'Visionary Home Education (VHE) Framework


 Homeschooling With VHE


  • The What, the How and the Why of Homeschooling?
  • Is Homeschooling the right choice for¬†your family?
  • How to Home Educate without losing your sanity?
  • Does homeschooling mean more work?¬†
  • Is this¬†really easier than sending children off to school?
  • Will I be putting my life on hold if I choose to Homeschool?

This program is for you if...

  • You want to give your children a solid foundation in education and tarbiyah
  • You are curious about homeschooling but have your concerns and fears
  • You are overwhelmed with all the advice on homeschooling and the various methods
  • You intend to¬†give your children a beautiful learning experience that aligns with the best advice on early child development.
  • You are in the early stages of this journey and hope to¬†establish your homeschool on a solid foundation.
  • You have been homeschooling for a while but wish to make it simple, easy and less overwhelming.
  • You are a committed parent who recognizes that home is ultimately the most important institution and raising children well takes sincere intention and committed action whether they are homeschooled¬† or not.

 This program is designed to be beneficial to all mothers who wish to cultivate a nurturing environment for their children and raise them with ehsan. Inshallah. 

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Ready to demystify homeschooling, shatter some myths and get clarity and confidence in this journey?

Noor Sayed

Engineer / Applications Developer / Certified Coach & Parent Consultant. She is trained in Attachment based development approach to parenting and education. 

She has spent hundreds of hours in training, coaching and development of frameworks that integrate and draw insights from multiple disciplines like Neuroscience, Educational Psychology, Developmental Sciences, Anthropology and Studies on Play and Natural Learning, Social Emotional learning, Human Motivation, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Design Thinking and modalities like ACT etc. 

She is the founder of Leaders Amongst Mothers. She has led several grass roots initiatives in the DFW community. She has three children who have been homeschooled from the beginning.

She has more than a decade of Homeschool and teaching experience, 6+ years of experience working with mothers and 4+ years of training at institutions like Neufeld Institute, National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NIBACM), Gottman Institute, Aware Parenting and PET - Parent Effectiveness Training at Gordon International etc.

She developed the first of its kind integrated framework that takes a human centered approach to home education by reimagining education with an islamic perspective from ground up instead of unnaturally fitting it into the default conventional paradigm. 

This framework 'Visionary Home Education' has been implemented and tested by families all over the world. 

As a former solutions developer/ Engineer/ Consultant, she has developed simple, easy to implement step by step holistic programs that help families make bite sized lifestyle changes that make learning and growing a joyful family adventure.


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