Visionary Home Education REVIVAL



August 8 - 12 

Join a community of 'Visionary Mammas' & Revive Your Homeschool.

Let us:


"I am always encouraged to hear stories from those who have graduated kids from their homeschool. It is a very valuable perspective for those of us who are still in the early years of the journey."

Kimberly L.

"Masha Allah, a beautiful talk with a beautiful perspective and appreciation for all that homeschooling can allow."

Melissa B

"This was what I was looking for to get more organised…"

Humera W.

"Thank you so much for these very helpful tips. I love how you incorporated Islamic lessons into all of them."

Hasina P.

"This was such an inspiring presentation, Masha Allah. My children are still young, so hearing from a more seasoned/veteran homeschooler is always reassuring, but Alhamdulillah the message of trusting Allah stood out the most."

Wajiha K.

"Alhamdulillah, so grateful to Allah for the timely resource. May Allah reward you for all your efforts and accept it."

Hefaza Ali

This event is for you if...

  • You intend to homeschool your children or exploring the idea out of curiosity.
  • You are in the early stages of this journey and hope to establish your homeschool on a solid foundation.
  • You have been homeschooling for a while but recognize the need for clarity, re-alignment and community support.
  • You are a committed parent who recognizes that home is ultimately the most important institution and raising children well takes sincere intention and committed action whether they homeschool or not.

 This program is designed to be beneficial to all mothers who wish to cultivate a nurturing environment for their children and raise them with ehsan. Inshallah. 

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Meet sisters who will demystify homeschooling, shatter some myths and inspire you with their stories, ideas and experiences.

Our Presenters

Juli Herman

Veteran Home Educator. Juli has four children, a new granddaughter, and over two decades of homeschooling experience. With two of her oldest having graduated college, she has valuable insight to share. She is currently studying at an Islamic seminary while homeschooling her fourth one. She has developed an Arabic curriculum which she is using to teach at Sound Hearts Academy.

Noor Sayed

Engineer / Applications Developer / Certified Coach & Parent Consultant. She is currently studying Educational Psychology with an emphasis on Developmental Sciences. She firmly believes that homeschooling is more about living and exemplifying the lessons we wish to impart. She is the founder of Leaders Amongst Mothers and Heba and co-founder of Sound Hearts Academy. She has three children who have been homeschooled from the beginning. She developed the first of its kind comprehensive program using a unique, integrated framework that trains, mentors and supports home educating mothers with a holistic approach.

Myra Kaiser

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She studied Psychology and went on to teach in schools for several years. She is currently training to become a Therapist. With a passion for home education and self development, she has managed to home educate her three boys while studying. She is currently pursuing a masters degree in counseling and therapy with a focus on Family and Marriage. She generously shares her wisdom and skills with mothers who strive for personal growth.

Alina Jaffery

Certified Coach, minimalist, bibliophile, co-founder and instructor at Sound Hearts Academy. She loves writing and reading aloud to children. Just the perfect person to get book recommendations, practical advice on managing the home while homeschooling etc. She strives to serve the unique needs of her three lovely children while managing a family business and her personal commitment to learn the deen.

Erum Ullah

Mother of five children. Erum has a background in Speech and Language Therapy, Early Childhood education and development. 

Shamila Khan

A meticulous educator and a committed mother... with years of homeschooling experience. With children of preschool age all the way to high school, she manages the interests and learning styles of her large family. She is an expert at organizing, planning and managing a homeschool. She founded a local co operative and has led local efforts to facilitate activities for homeschooling families.

Get to know our presenters!!!

Watch the short Intro videos linked below to get a sneak preview of the presentations and the presenters themselves!!

Join us for a 5 Day immersive VHE Community Experience

Aug 8 - 12 LIVE Daily Sessions Everyday at 1 pm CST

What You Will Get:

  • Daily Presentations: Homeschooling Mothers who understand the unique dynamics of homeschooling will show you 'What Homeschooling Makes Possible'.  They will share valuable advice and ideas so you can benefit from decades of personal experience.
  • LIVE & Interactive Panel discussions at 1 pm CST: Veteran homeschool moms share the true realities of homeschooling including challenges and struggles and what you can do to overcome them.
  • LIVE Q & A sessions:  Bring your questions, get practical advice from mothers at various stages of their homeschooling journey. Homeschooling can quickly get overwhelming, these sessions will hopefully simplify it.
  • Get Confident: Understand the unique advantages and benefits in homeschooling. We will be busting some common myths and address your doubts.
  • Gain Clarity: Understand the importance of a Big Picture overview and a strategic, integrated approach.
  • Engage and Win: We will be running a daily quiz and challenge, give away prizes to most active participants


 We are keeping the program free of cost to benefit as many sisters as possible as we begin the next school year. But this program is available only for a week. So mark your calendars and show up with an accountability buddy to make the most out of this limited time opportunity. 


(Please note that our website has a limit on number of course members it can allow. Register before we run out of capacity. Please share with others who may benefit.)

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