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"What should I focus on? I am completely overwhelmed with everything"

"I am really drawn to the idea of homeschooling, but it seems like a lot of learning and implementing. I am tired of spending hours upon hours researching online and still unsure about what I should be doing? So many methods, curriculums and styles of homeschooling. Where should I begin?"

"Homeschooling is so hard & stressful. It takes all day."

"I don't know how other moms seem to enjoy homeschooling? I am dragging my feet everyday and never get to the end of our TODO list. I wonder why I am stuck in daily power struggles , getting even the basic lessons done in a timely manner is an uphill battle."

"I wanted to raise children that love learning.... but"

I decided to homeschool so that they would love learning but I have to resort to rewards or consequences to get them to do their schoolwork. Everyday I have to deal with behavior issues, tantrums and bickering.

"I am not organized or disciplined enough to Homeschool"

"I can't manage my daily household duties, laundry piles mounting. My house is a mess, I seriously lack the time management and organizational skills, How on earth am I to balance between all the cooking, cleaning, teaching and still stay sane? It is just too much work and I am tired of working all day long."

"I wish I had more support and guidance. I feel unappreciated and so alone in this journey."

"No one in my family homeschools. My relatives and friends criticize and question my ability to homeschool my children. There is no family support or encouragement either. Growing self doubt and stress is affecting my confidence and health."

"I don't know how to motivate my child to learn? It's a daily struggle"

I am tired of everyday power struggles, the constant bribing or threatening to get them to behave responsibly.  How do I motivate them or teach them responsibility towards learning? 

Can You Relate?

First and foremost I want you to know that you are not alone! When I started homeschooling almost a decade ago, I went through the exact same struggles. 

After wasting many years struggling with these challenges, by Allah's mercy I was forced to slow down because of some circumstances. What seemed like a test was actually a blessing in disguise.

During this time I learnt to observe my child and the silent work of child development. I learned to respect and appreciate the work of nature (In other words Allah(swt)'s intelligent plan). It became more and more obvious to me that my child's inner world mattered: his emotions, his motivations, his intentions and his fitra etc. I must respect and work with it.

With time, I also redefined my role as a mother and learnt to value the quality and power of the relationship we shared. I also took inspiration from our deen and from the legacy of our beloved Prophet (saw) and other prophets especially Ibrahim(as).  Alhamdulilah

I didn't realize at the time, but all this started a journey of sorts and I am still on that path today: learning, sharing and growing each day. 

I have realized that much of what really matters is not common knowledge and after noticing the same struggles and patterns in the struggles of other mothers in our community, I decided to use my skills to create comprehensive solutions.  

Today I can say with confidence that 'You don't have to struggle like this!' Homeschooling can indeed become the most fulfilling, joy giving and enriching experiences for you and your family.

Read My Full Story & About My Background!

You deserve better. Your family deserves better!!

Homeschooling can be made so much easier, simpler and enjoyable. In our programs we help you Home Educate in a manner that honors and preserves your PARENT-CHILD RELATIONSHIP. We also teach you how to work with a child's innate nature so that they can be raised and educated optimally. When you approach Homeschooling / Parenting using our unique, Integrated 'VISIONARY HOME EDUCATION' framework, teaching and learning become a part of everyday life. You will get to build and sustain a homeschool life that you LOVE. One that nourishes everyone in the family. Inshallah


We help you achieve this with our program: HOMESCHOOLING SIMPLIFIED MEMBERSHIP!

What do you get inside this annual subscription / membership?

  • A 12 month STEP by STEP Monthly Action Guide that can help the busiest of moms make weekly progress using our unique 4 -step process that helps you integrate knowledge into everyday life. This iterative process will take the overwhelm and confusion out of homeschooling and replace it with growing confidence each month. Inshallah
  • In 12 months, you will be able to sustainably build and establish your DREAM Homeschool! You will be able to create a consistent Home Learning environment where excellence in education can be achieved as a natural consequence of everyday life. It does not get simpler than this!
  • A private community space of 'Visionary Home Educators' away from social media to connect with like minded mothers who are on the same journey as you. You will not just get help and guidance but also be able to share progress, acknowledge efforts, express concerns and vulnerabilities in a secure, trusted, private space.
  • This space is designed such that the homeschool blues, loneliness and burnouts will be a thing of the past! Each month we will learn a core principle of VHE and explore different ways of applying it, create meaningful goals, discuss ideas and brainstorm solutions, apply the ideas, take action, get support and make weekly progress. 
  • You don't have to compromise your home or family to achieve excellence in Education. You will get to build the foundation of your Homeschool with ideas, strategies that nurture and beautify family relationships while also honoring your children's unique developmental needs. This is what makes our program truly unique and effective!
  • An annual access pass to our giant library of masterclasses and resources with all the homeschool related training you can imagine. How to effectively teach subjects like Math, Science, Language Arts, Reading, etc. How to help students stay motivated and pursue interest led learning. How to draw and apply the best practices of different educational methods and pedagogies etc.
  • We give you the skills you need in effective Home teaching. It is delivered by a team of 'Homeschool Moms' with expertise in different fields and 80+ years of combined homeschool experience. These experts and coaches provide group coaching as well. So if you run into any specific problems within their area of knowledge you can get them answered in one of the LIVE coaching calls.
  • Our team boasts of mothers with backgrounds as diverse as Counseling, Early childhood development, Speech and Language therapy, Parent Consulting, Coaching, Engineering, Professional Writing, Entrepreneurship, Curriculum Development, Educational Leadership, Linguistics etc. These mothers are also home educators with a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience with which they can contextualize their subject area expertise to the homeschool context.
  • Monthly Group Coaching by coaches and mentors / Community huddles / Q&A sessions, Private forum discussions, Library of past coaching calls to get guidance, support and help so that you can keep the progress going. 
  • These masterclasses cover everything a mother needs to simplify, organize and execute homeschooling with efficiency. Meal Planning, Time Management, Homeschool Planning, Home Management, Minimalism, Chore training, Scheduling, Habit training, Record Keeping, Personal Productivity etc. 
  • Homeschooling does not have to be a drag. It can be done with ease and everyday can be a joy. This takes a strategic approach and leadership skills. We have designed this program in a way that it will help you establish yourself as gentle authority in your home while still balancing your child's growing need for autonomy.
  • We strive for excellence and make child development and parenting concepts accessible so that the parents can truly serve their children and make homeschooling a success not just for today but for years to come, not to mention save themselves a lot of agony in the future. We have included modules on Early Childhood, Language Development, Play and Neuroscience. 
  • Our program is guided by an interdisciplinary, integrated framework  'Visionary Home Education' which is a systematic, comprehensive approach to home education. It factors in the unique challenges and conflicts that come with educating while parenting which is perhaps the most challenging aspect for many families.
  • For many moms, maintaining a sense of well being and balance seems like an impossible dream while homeschooling. But once we truly understood what children need and what we need, helping them realize their full potential becomes easy and they are able to move into the driver's seat of life.
  • Inspire self directed learning with minimal guidance and mentorship. Lean into the power of Relationships and Developmental sciences. This makes homeschooling so much easier with time. This is the main reason we want to invest in this foundational work, to make things easier with time.
  • You will be empowered with sound knowledge, so you can finally stop running like a hamster on the wheel, anxiously chasing outcomes and ruining this precious work.
  • Instead you can cultivate a lifestyle that allows you to grow consistently along with your family without the stress and the overwhelm. Excellent sustainable living and strong healthy family bonds is a by product of this approach to Home Education. 
  • We also dive into teaching techniques with core subjects like Math, science, language arts etc and homeschool methods, techniques, hacks, learning theories and theories on motivation & emotion.  
  • This program is a practical, outcome focussed program. We help you apply what you learn to your unique family. We LIVE Group Coaching calls to facilitate objective learning. 
  • Our exclusive, private support community makes this program really one of a kind. When we say community we mean it. Our community is a judgement free, warm and inviting space conducive to learning and growing. We normalize making mistakes and asking questions and maintain a highly responsive, intimate member experience.

How does the 'Monthly ACTION GUIDE' WORK?

Unlike most other programs, we are not here to just give you information. We want you to be able to integrate the knowledge you acquire into action and make it a part of your everyday lifestyle. We have a simple 4-step process which helps you build and establish Your 'DREAM Homeschool' by implementing One Core Principle of 'Visionary Home Education' framework each month. You make progress each month in a supportive community setting with accountability, support, guidance and training at your fingertips!

Learn & Reflect On The 'Core Principle'

Each Month we focus on one core 'Visionary Home Education' Principle that establishes the Foundations in Home Learning. We explore different ways of applying it in our homes based on our children's ages or current skill. As a community we reflect, share our insights and ideas on how it can be applied.

Set A Meaningful Goal & Take Action

As you consume the lessons, related masterclasses and explore suggested ideas, we recommend that you observe your own children and home dynamics to figure out the best ways to apply it in your unique home. Share ideas with the community, create your own meaningful goal, take action & share progress!

Troubleshoot, Brainstorm & Ask

As you learn and apply you will uncover new challenges, blindspots. Bring your questions, difficulties and concerns to the community space. Community huddles are a great place to brainstorm, troubleshoot and discuss solutions. Get support & guidance in our monthly group coaching calls and Q & A's.

Integrate Into Your Everyday Lifestyle

We want to make learning a natural daily consequence. What we learn must be integrated into a sustainable lifestyle. This simple and intentional step is crucial in order for us to enjoy and sustain homeschooling in the long run. Our monthly goals must turn into an integrated & consistent lifestyle change. 

Here's what you will get to learn!

Here is a sneak peek into the topics covered in our gigantic 22+ module 'Homeschooling Simplified' Library... (In fact it is still growing!)

  1. Understanding the goals and the Vision. The big picture. It is easy to get lost in the details and unless we know how things unfold, it is difficult to truly lead with confidence. Let alone realize our own unique goals.
  2. Understanding Children & Development & Facilitating Growth: How do they develop different abilities, how language develops, how their brain grows, what do they really need to develop to their full potential. What can we do? All of this essential knowledge will help you lay a strong foundation in education and for life. 
  3. Understanding Our Role:  How do we establish ourselves as an authority. We certainly cannot force it and we cannot afford to compromise our relationship with them as a parent as we educate them. Understanding and Approaching our role as parents, teachers and leading them confidently is of critical importance. 
  4. Gentle Discipline: What is it that we need to do in order to command discipline but not demand it. Inspire good behavior without the need for punishment, coercion or coaxing. Discipline in a manner that helps them grow in their ability to self regulate and choose the right behavior with time. 
  5. Self Motivation & Love of Learning: How do we inspire in them a genuine love of learning? What role does childhood play in all of this. How can we use their natural inclinations and create conditions to help them learn for the sake of it and not for the carrot or the stick. 
  6. Essential Teaching Skills/Core Subjects: How do we teach subjects like math, language and science? Learn how to approach them in the home setting. We go over resources and effective teaching techniques. Explore the easy hacks and simple solutions relevant to the home context like managing multiple ages and customizing education to our unique children.
  7. Best Practices in Home Teaching: Home teaching is not the same as classroom teaching. We need to approach things in a manner that do not compromise our family life, our relationship with them and our overall sense of balance and well being. It takes a different approach. Prepare for this journey where you will be teaching, exploring and learning new things together each year as your child grows unlike a classroom teacher who teaches the same class / subject year after year.  
  8. Understanding Education and methods of Homeschooling: How learning works. What are the different educational methods. Explore the best practices from methods like Charlotte Mason, Classical education, Unschooling, Waldorf Education, Project Based Learning and Montessori.This will help you identify the right method or combination of methods for your family and help you draw the best from each one and take an 'eclectic' approach.   
  9. Homeschool Planning & Productivity: Productivity as we understand in the conventional sense does not work very well in a home setting with little people around us. It takes a different approach and mindset to get this right. Homeschool planning and goal setting is another skill which creates its own unique challenge. You will learn how to take your goals and turn them into an everyday, consistent reality. 
  10. Navigating the competing roles and responsibilities: We often struggle with other responsibilities and roles once we take up something as huge as the responsibility to educate our children. Our relationship and connection with the people we love most is of utmost importance and at highest priority. How do we make time for connection and family bonding as we educate? You will learn to combine your goals and cultivate a lifestyle where you can achieve excellence in multiple areas of your life seamlessly. Inshallah
  11. Restoring balance & a sense of well being: Homeschooling is a momentous task but it can be made simple and effective. You can experience downtime. You do not need to burnout in the process. There are ways you can manage your time, resources and energy more effectively. It takes strategic planning and a little effort on our part to create sustainable systems. We must prioritize our health and sanity and this takes intentional effort to carve out time for rest and nourishment. 
  12. Efficiency, Prioritization & Team work in a Homeschool: We focus on habit training, scheduling, time management, Meal Planning, Delegation & 'Expanding the circle' to get help. Intentional parenting which teaches children to assume responsibility and help the family with chores and independent learning all pay off with time and make this endeavor sustainable while building a strong work ethic and grit in the children. 

Our Coaches & Contributors


Listen to what our community members have to say about the program and how it has affected their homeschooling, parenting and personal life....

"Homeschooling is getting easier.."


"This is one of the best courses I have taken.."

"I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial this program has been.."


"I would read all these books but I couldn't change myself... until I took this course"

"It is not just a Homeschooling course. It is a transformational course...

this community has helped me become a better and a sane mom"


"A year ago I was a different person and now I am a different person... I have really started to see them (my children)...."

"This course is truly comprehensive... It is just amazing!"


"It has even deepened my understanding of Montessori education"

What our students / community members have to say...


"....Please take the leap. I dived into this program and it has been worth more than anything else I have ever done. I know someone might read this and think that can’t be true… But in all honestly it is. The upbringing of my 4 children is what drives me as human being and this program has given me the tools, the wisdom and knowledge to teach them."

Yasmin Abdulrashid

"...finding you was like finding a kindered spirit...Your thoughts are like pearls have done the research, have the life experiences and read so many books, and all of this you present to us busy moms in bite sized pieces that we can take and immediately put into practice. Alhamdulillah for your efforts. Not only for all the content...but for genuinely wanting to make a difference. "

Lulu Alam
Perth, Australia

"I am very grateful to you sister Noor for this program . So many of my anxieties have been laid to rest through those valuable lessons. It has given me the confidence that I am on the right track. My heart is full of gratitude as I write this . You have been beyond amazing sister Noor , guiding us and encouraging us through this journey."

Fatima Naqvi

"firstly thank you sister Noor for coming up with such a comprehensive course, truly one of its kind. Jazakallahu khair for everything, you are a gem in homeschooling/parenting community. I am also thankful to the speakers on the course as well for imparting wisdom and sharing experiences."

Subia Fatima

We are ready to welcome new members for the 2021-2022!

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  • 20+ Modules of comprehensive training, coaching and mentorship in home education (Value: $1395)
  • 12 Monthly ACTION Guides to learn and Implement one core principle in Visionary Home Education each month to build & establish 'Your DREAM Homeschool'! (Value: $747)
  • Learn home teaching skills, time and home management, educational methods, child development, discipline techniques and so much more.
  • 12 Group Coaching Calls / Q & A sessions with mentors and coaches conducted once a month. ($797)
  • Exclusive Private Support Community away from social media. A warm and inviting judgement free space to grow in knowledge and skills.(Value: $397)
  • BONUS # 1 New Modules on combining subjects, teaching enrichment subjects & Unit studies. (Value: $147)
  • BONUS # 2: Additional Modules on 6 Core principles in Home Learning within Action Guide. (Value: $497)
  • BONUS # 3: NEW Module on Homeschooling on a Budget. (Value: $67)
  • BONUS # 4: NEW Module on Expand Your Circle of Helpers. How to collaborate & create a local support system/Co-Op (Value: $67)
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  • Total Value: $4267
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  • 20+ Modules of comprehensive training, coaching and mentorship in home education (Value: $1395)
  • 12 Monthly ACTION Guides to learn and Implement one core principle in Visionary Home Education each month to build & establish 'Your DREAM Homeschool'! (Value: $747)
  • Learn home teaching skills, time and home management, educational methods, child development, discipline techniques and so much more.
  • 12 Group Coaching Calls / Q & A sessions with mentors and coaches conducted once a month. ($797)
  • Exclusive Private Support Community away from social media. A warm and inviting judgement free space to grow in knowledge and skills.(Value: $397)
  • BONUS # 1 New Modules on combining subjects, teaching enrichment subjects & Unit studies. (Value: $147)
  • BONUS # 2: Additional Modules on 6 Core principles in Home Learning within Action Guide. (Value: $497)
  • BONUS # 3: NEW Module on Homeschooling on a Budget. (Value: $67)
  • BONUS # 4: NEW Module on Expand Your Circle of Helpers. How to collaborate & create a local support system/Co-Op (Value: $67)
  • BONUS # 5: Library of videos and classes by various presenters from our past Conferences (not available to public) (Value: $147)
  • Total Value: $4267
  • Your price: $4267 $870 (You get an additional $174 off / 2 months off for paying in full)
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I am confident about the program and will stand by it. I am sure it will satisfy anyone who gives it a fair chance. You have 30 days after the purchase to test the program and see the benefit for yourself. If you don't feel satisfied in this time period simply send me an email and I  will refund your money back! I just need to see that you did the work and gave it a fair chance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Definitely. The principles the program focuses on are universally applicable to raise self directed learners. Anywhere in the world. We have sisters from all over the world in our community. 

This program is for any mother who is invested in raising children with excellence. Home is the first school. While we do have masterclasses in our library that are designed for the homeschool moms, our community members express that this program should help all mothers. If your goal is to raise lifelong learners while building beautiful relationships, this is for you.

All the Sessions / Masterclasses in the library are pre-recorded and available on demand. Monthly action guide pre-recorded weekly lessons drop once a week. 

Group Coaching calls do happen LIVE  but the recording will be made available for you to catch up on the replay. Program is designed in a way that difference in time zone should not affect your performance in the class. 

Not at all. You don't need to be facebook or instagram to be a part of our program. We have a private, exclusive community away from social media to discuss, record keep, brainstorm, share ideas and resources, ask questions and keep yourself accountable in a safe, judgment free space. 

Our programs take a comprehensive approach and we do have masterclasses that are relevant to the early years. Early language development, play and neuroscience are covered in the program.

Ideally this program will help you if you have children that can interact with you in some capacity.

If you have a child/children older than 2-3 years old this program will help you build a strong foundation in education for them. Inshallah

We do have a lot of resources in our Homeschooling Simplified Library but you are not expected to consume it all. We made it available so that moms with different needs can pick and choose between them and have all kinds of tools and training at their fingertips.

The heart of this program is the action guide that helps moms implement the 'VHE core principles' with a personalized monthly goal relevant to their child's needs.

This is makes the program actionable, meaningful and easy to implement even for the busiest of moms.  

This program takes a completely different approach to home education. It is based on a solid framework 'Visionary Home Education' which takes a holistic, integrated approach to parenting, education and tarbiyah. 

It is based on a decade of home education experience and working with other homeschool mothers. An in depth study of not just educational methods and parenting but also child development and educational psychology with a special focus on relationships and developmental sciences.

No. This is a subscription based annual membership program. This is intentional and by design. We maintain a very high quality program and hope to gather only those sisters who can commit to action. Our program takes minimal effort and making progress within our meticulously designed program is easy but we do need committed sisters. This ensures we only have sisters who are willing to put in the work.

After the first year in this membership you can renew it at a basic, discounted price (about 30% or less)

Lifetime membership is granted after 5 renewals. 

We want to attract and retain members who are the right fit for the program. You have a month to try out the program and see if its the right fit for you. 

We are confident about our program and do offer a 30 day guarantee.

All we ask is you put in the work and try out the resources before making a judgement.

A full refund will be processed within 30 days of sign up if you find the program unsatisfactory for any reason. 

We do have a scholarship fund which is used to help sisters who cannot afford this program. 

You can apply for scholarship on the form linked at the bottom of the page. Based on your information you may be granted financial assistance. Inshallah

Apply For Scholarship

We grant different levels of financial assistance to sisters who are unable to sign up because of financial constraints. We have a scholarship fund with which we allocate and distribute funds to a number of sisters with partial or full scholarship. Please provide us as much detail as possible.


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We will be sharing a unique, framework that is sure to change the everyday home education / parenting experience. 

This program will help you unlearn so much about education and parenting that no longer serves the families in our time. It will help you re-imagine your homeschool journey and prepare you in a unique way for an exciting year. Inshallah

We will hand you a success road map that we use in our highly effective mentorship program for mothers who home educate.

This program will be offered at no cost for a limited time only to our email subscribers. Yes, you read that right! This program will be for FREE but please note that the FREE Registration link will be active only for 48 hours and beyond that there will be a nominal fee to access the program. 

This program will run for two full weeks starting mid August.

Please share this with other friends. You do not want to miss this!! Dates/timings and other details will be shared in the email invite.

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