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Starting Monday, 16th August, 12 pm CST Daily Sessions (60-90 mins)

The 'One' thing we need to make homeschool effective, joyful and successful without teaching all day!

Ready to discover the very thing that makes homeschooling easy not just for now but continues to get easier with time? 
1. You want to teach effectively and benefit more in less time. 
2. You want to enjoy homeschool and not have to drag your feet.
3. Set your children up for lasting success and provide a solid foundation in education, academics and beyond.
4. Build a beautiful relationship with your children while homeschooling. 
5. Cultivate an enriching, nurturing environment where learning becomes effortless and stress free. Inshallah
6. Inspire a genuine love of learning and a propensity to self direct their learning.
If you want to put an end to
1. The constant work which adds little educational value, endless lesson plans and anxiety over your efforts. 
2. Feelings of overwhelm and overload, chasing the hard stuff to validate your efforts. 
3. Frustration with getting your child to willfully follow through 'your' lesson plan.   
4. Manage your home, personal life well and get some downtime and maintain a sense of well being.
Then you do not want to miss this Free Program.
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