Join us on the 10th, 11th & 12th July 2020   


Meet sisters from around the world who will demystify homeschooling, shatter some myths and inspire you with their stories, ideas and experiences.

Our Speakers

Hana Khatib

Hana loves homeschooling! For years, she’s cultivated a rich learning environment that inspires, nurtures and empowers, not just her students, but her as well. This may be the secret to her success and the key to her ability to thrive long-term as a homeschooler. The homeschooling journey is a challenging one, even in the best of times. Build your confidence as a homeschooling parent as you learn to cultivate your own passions, so you can raise life long learners. And in the process, you’re likely to discover who you are, your strengths and your abilities.

Juli Herman

Veteran Home Educator. Juli has four children, a new granddaughter, and two decades of homeschooling experience. With two of her oldest having graduated college, she has valuable insight to share. She is currently studying at an Islamic seminary while homeschooling her fourth one. She has developed an Arabic curriculum which she is using to teach at Sound Hearts Academy.

Autumn Allen 

After earning her master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she studied cultural psychology, Autumn left her job in public health to homeschool full-time. She co-founded a homeschool coop for Muslim families and has taught many subjects and facilitated book groups in various community settings. After the negative effects of “classic” literature on her children’s self-esteem became apparent, she returned to graduate school to study children’s literature and writing for children. Autumn now works as a writer, a reviewer of books for children and young adults, and an independent scholar of children’s literature, in addition to homeschooling. Many of her insights about parenting and homeschooling were lessons learned through making mistakes, and she uses her blog to encourage parents to be intentional and take advantage of their best years with their families. 

Zeba Khan

Public Speaker, Writer and Director of Development at Muslim Matters and podcast host. With her own struggles as a person with a life long medical condition and a child with autism, she is an advocate for people with special needs. She is a teacher, public speaker, writer who has used her voice to bring special needs awareness and reforms in masajids. She is currently studying at an islamic seminary.

Noor Sayed

Engineer / Certified Coach / Entrepreneur. She firmly believes that homeschooling is more about living and exemplifying the lessons we wish to impart. She is the founder of Simplify Homeschool and Heba. And the co-founder of Sound Hearts Academy. She has two sons, who have been homeschooled from the beginning. She developed the first of its kind comprehensive program using a unique, integrated framework that trains, mentors and supports home educating mothers with a holistic approach.


Iman is a working mum of three from the UK. She is passionate about organised living, Islamic parenting, home education, productivity and sustainable living. She shares inspiration for organising small spaces, motivation to declutter, planning prompts for the week and ideas for meal prep and weekly meal plans. She shares how making little changes can add up to huge results. 

Myra Kaiser

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She studied Psychology and went on to teach in schools for several years. She is currently training to become a Therapist. With a passion for home education and self development, she has managed to home educate her three boys while studying. She has a masters degree in counseling and therapy with a focus on Family and Marriage. She generously shares her wisdom and skills with mothers who strive for personal growth.

Alina Jaffery

Certified Coach, minimalist, bibliophile, co-founder and instructor at Sound Hearts Academy. She loves writing and reading aloud. Just the perfect person to get book recommendations, practical advice on managing the home while homeschooling etc. She strives to serve the unique needs of her three lovely children while managing a family business and her personal commitment to learn the deen.

Suad Sultan

Suad Sultan is going into her third year of her homeschooling adventure. She is a passionate educator with a degree in Educational Leadership (M.Ed.). Suad has taught in the traditional setting for over 15 years before making the switch to homeschooling. She is the author of the inspirational book Qur’an Princesses. She is also the founder of Inspiring the Love of Islam and Co-Founder of Taraweeh Club, programs that aim to plant the seed of love for Islam. She believes that learning and growing are ongoing processes, and loves to share her experiences with others hoping to inspire them to build a stronger connection with Allah (SWT).


Sayeda is a homeschooling parent and Co-Founder of Homeschool Panda, an educational app utilized in 113 countries. She is knowledgeable in various types of teaching styles used by homeschoolers across the world. Sayeda has a passion for developing innovative educational solutions that cater to parents and educators from every facet of life, regardless of their faith, background, education and financial status. Her background in I.T. allows her to employ a perfect blend of her homeschooling experience and technology skill-sets in supporting the global homeschooling community.

Shamila Khan

A meticulous educator and a committed mother... with years of homeschooling experience. With children of preschool age all the way to high school, she manages the interests and learning styles of her large family. She is an expert at organizing, planning and managing a homeschool. She founded a local co operative and has led local efforts to facilitate activities for homeschooling families.

Sabana Dadabhoy

Born and raised in the UK, she moved to the USA after getting married. She has experimented with part time homeschooling in California. She has been home educating her two adorable children for years and has built a successful event management company while doing so. She is also the co-founder of Sound Hearts Academy and manages it effortlessly. She is passionate about art and loves sharing her creative and warm spirit with the children at co-op.

Anjum Saeed

Anjum has tried it all. Public school, private school and homeschool. She holds an MBA in Human Resources and after working for 5 years, she quit just to be able to spend more time with her children. Her kids were born in England and attended school in the UK and in the US. Having experienced schooling personally in India, in England and then in the US, she figured that there are many ways to approach education. She has been homeschooling for a while now and finds it a rewarding experience. 

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